Message from

 Kerry Lightcap 4/27/17

Greetings Classmates!


 Hopefully everyone received and calendared the “save the dates” we put out via Facebook and email earlier this year.


 The festivities begin on Friday June 9th.  For those golfers amongst us, Kevin Daley has agreed to chair a golf outing.  Tee time will be at 1:00.  If interested in playing, either call Kevin at (315) 427-3005 or email him at


 The next function will be a class gathering unlike any other.  At 7:30 p.m. we will congregate at The Blue Tusk in Armory Square in Downtown Syracuse.  Libations will be available for those so inclined.  Props will be distributed (say hello to glow in the dark bracelets) and final instructions will be given.  Then precisely at 8:30 p.m. we will conduct a Flash Mob at the 24 second clock across from the MOST.  We will dance to one vintage song played on a boom box.  If you are not familiar with a Flash Mob I would highly recommend using an innovation known as Google.


 As soon as the song ends we will disperse and make our way across the street to Benjamin’s on Franklin - a premier upscale bar and nightclub.  Spend the evening talking over cocktails at the 67' bar, head outside to the quieter comforts of the Courtyard or dance the night away at Perdition - Benjamin’s state of the art dance club.


 Then on Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. be ready to participate in the F-M Class of ‘82 Poker Run.  A Poker Run is an event whereby participants go to 7 pre-ordained checkpoints to draw 1 playing card from a deck of cards.  At the conclusion of visiting all 7 checkpoints you will have 7 cards and from that you will play your best 5 card poker hand.  Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best hands and the 1 lowest hand.  The checkpoints are as follows:


  1. Fayetteville Free Library

  2. The Matilda Gage Home

  3. The Manlius Historical Society

  4. The Hornet’s Nest

  5. Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center

  6. Manlius YMCA

  7. Mrs. Kelder’s Cake (next to the Manlius Cinema)


 When you arrive at a checkpoint merely announce yourself as a Class of ‘82 member and you will be able to draw from the deck.  Family members may participate as well.


 Then at 4:00 we will have an Ice Cream Social at Snow Top.  Reminisce over a soft ice cream and check out the iconic swan pond.  At that time I will also collect the cards.  Winners will be announced when we convene at the Yellow Brick Road Casino.  The YBR Casino is just outside of Fayetteville on Route 5 and is smoke free.  If you want to dine in the Casino there is Dorothy’s Farm House, Wicked Good Pizza as well as the Heart and Courage Saloon.  Cocktails and soft drinks are available throughout the Casino including in the famed Wing Monkey.  Try your luck at the slot machines, table games and the Cyclone of Cash.


 At 8:00 p.m. we will meet at Dorothy’s Farm House where hors d'oeuvres will await you.  Prizes will be awarded.  Remarks will be made including a special announcement about our 40th Reunion.  Thereafter, hang out together or head back out to the gaming floor.


 I sincerely hope that all of you will come join us the weekend of June 9th and June 10th.  I have endeavored to offer some different activities with the hope that there will be something to appeal to everyone.  Until then, brush up on your moves to YMCA, mapquest your poker route and get ready to hit Las Vegas East where what happens in Vegas....


    Warmest Regards,